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Hosted at the Centre, the J-CREW Explorer Program is part of the Alamo Area Council Exploring Program, which in turn, comes under the umbrella of the Boy Scouts of America. Being a part of J-Crew gives high school students, ages 14 to 20, an eye opening, learning experience that provides the opportunity for members to see, first-hand, the daily life of health care professionals, EMTs/Firefighters, and law enforcement officers. Members have the ability to do ride-alongs and are able to witness responses made by emergency personnel. Exploring provides experiences to help young people mature and prepare to become responsible and caring adults.


High school students enrolled in the Emergency Services Explorer Program develop the tools necessary for a successful school-to-career and school-to-higher-education transition, as well as discovering potential contacts that may broaden a student’s employment options at Bulverde Spring Branch Fire & EMS and Bulverde Police Department.


J-CREW's Five Areas of Emphasis

  1. Career Opportunities
    • Discover potential contacts to broaden employment options
    • Boost self-confidence and real world work experience

  2. Life Skills
    • Develop physical and mental fitness
    • Experience positive social interactions

  3. Leadership Experience
    • Develop leadership skills to fulfill responsibilities in society
    • Provide exposure to different leadership traits

  4. Service Learning
    • Encourage the skills and desire to help others
    • Gain a keen respect for the basic rights of others

  5. Character Education
    • Help make ethical choices
    • Fulfill one's responsibility to society as a whole

Highlights of what Explorers do:

  • Perform community service assignments          

  • Receive instruction in the operation of department tools and equipment

  • Receive instruction in basic emergency medical service and fire/rescue skills

  • Serve in uniform at Community Service Events

  • Compete in emergency medical treatment (packaging for non-ambulatory transports), advanced hose skills, as well as search & rescue


Requirements to Join

  • 14 to 20 years of age

  • Must show and demonstrate respect for service and authority

  • Able to attend three meetings per month


To learn more, contact Richard Britz

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