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We would be honored to have your support of our organization via a donation.

Thank you!

The collective spirit of generosity brings change to our communities when people give their voice, their time, their talent, or their financial support. Your contribution to the Healthcare | Innovation | Sciences Centre will assist us in transforming emergency health sciences. Whether it is by awakening a passion in our youth via our STEM-related classes, discovering a new medical device to improve the quality of patient care, or enhancing the critical care skills of our first responders in one of our many courses, the Centre is focused on saving lives and delivering compassionate care.

Click the underlined text to be directed to the webpage, except for the Text2Give

  • On-line Donation Page (hosted by DonorView)

  • Amazon Wish List

  • Text2Give Mobile Donation Number (hosted by EventGives): Text ‘season’ (just the word; no punctuation marks) to (855) 735-2437

How Your Donated Dollars/Items Make a Difference!

  • Gift Cards (in any amount to Pizza Hut, Schlotzsky's, Smokey Mo's BBQ, for example) assist with lunch expenses for low-income or disadvantaged local area high school students attending our STEM focused anatomy classes.

  • Healthy snacks for students attending classes at the Centre keep them at their optimal energy levels for learning.

  • C-A-T Tourniquets for Stop the Bleed campaign efforts are distributed at no charge to our fellow first responders and other organizations faced with potential mass casualty events.

  • Gift Cards (in any amount to H.E.B., Walmart, Target, Amazon, for example) stretch our non-profit dollars devoted to efficient delivery of high-quality education and human services that strengthen emergency responders, medical providers and families.

  • Gifts for our Community Health Program enable us to assist more individuals and families in our community. This lessens the burden on our 9-1-1 emergency system, resulting in a positive economic benefit for taxpayers.

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