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The remarkable successes of our emergency health sciences division and enhanced community health programs, once under the umbrella of Bulverde Spring Branch Emergency Services, d.b.a. BSB Fire & EMS, necessitated a transformation of the founding emergency services non-profit with the formation of a new non-profit, the Health, Innovation and Sciences Centre.  At the Centre, we continue to remain focused on the shared passion of: expanding knowledge through education, spearheading innovations of novel methods and techniques through research, and delivering compassionate care. 


We are engaging those passions in the following core areas: 

  • Centre for Emergency Health Sciences (cEHS) – cEHS saw nearly 13,000 military and civilian healthcare professionals, including first responders, law enforcement officers, nurses, mid-level practitioners (i.e., nurse practitioners, physician assistants), and physicians, as well as regional high school students and teachers in 2017. Collectively this division works from the point of injury to the operating room with focused procedural and training efforts that are evidence-based and have been proven to save lives. Within cEHS, one would also find the Offices of Clinical and Medical Direction that oversee and assist with quality assurance and improvements in local pre-hospital emergency medical services (like Bulverde Spring Branch Fire & EMS and others).   


  • Community Health Program – This component of the Centre delivers access to care in our communities, embraces a prevention-driven approach to health, and offers health knowledge to shape stronger individuals. The needs of 408 unique patients were addressed last year via this program, along with an economic benefit to taxpayers as one of the positive outcomes in providing services to the uninsured and underinsured citizens in our area. 


  • Wellness on Wheels - The W.O.W. is a one-of-a-kind mobile medical and educational facility built with three clinical rooms and workstations, hot and cold running water, and a climate control system that circulates over twenty rooms of air per hour, which is critical in a clinical and educational setting. Generous grant funding from the McKenna Foundation made the W.O.W. a reality for the Centre. 


The Centre focuses on experiential learning and research for the future of medicine, as well as on a prevention-driven approach to health and takes an active role in community health. We work hard to translate our visions into observable, concrete changes — and ultimately healthier and happier neighborhoods.

About Us


The Healthcare, Innovation & Sciences Centre is dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical education and research opportunities that improve healthcare quality to patients around the world.

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