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Community Health Program

At the H.I.S. Centre, our Community Health Program (CHP) seeks to expand access to care in our community, embrace a prevention-driven approach to health, connect citizens to the correct care, and offer health knowledge to shape stronger individuals. In a single year, the needs of 408 unique patients were addressed via the program, along with an economic benefit to taxpayers as another one of the positive outcomes.


One of the hallmark successes of this program lies in the handling of preventable 9-1-1 calls through a more cost effective manner. Community members who face challenges with our healthcare system, yet feel their answers lie in calling an ambulance, are instead connected to local resources and organizations to obtain the specific care for their situation.


The end results are providing residents with the most appropriate care, while reducing the volume of non-emergency requests at the same time. This program is especially valuable in the Bulverde Spring Branch area because of challenges with mobility and transportation.  Additionally, in our area many carve their identities from the land on which they live that has been proudly passed from generation to generation. Their desire is to stay in their own homes, which is referred to as “aging in place,” to continue to maintain their independence.  The age-in-place assistance component of our CHP greatly increases the number of elderly residents who can continue to enjoy their homes as long as possible.


Certainly, the positive social impact that is achieved through our Community Health Program is tremendous, but also realizing a significant economic payoff through cost avoidance measures of handling these citizens through another means other than 9-1-1 services is another benefit.


How does the program work? Community members are referred by many sources, such as church groups or food banks, or someone can even be self-referred. Following that referral, our CHP Coordinator, Richard Britz, is engaged to identify the root of the 9-1-1 calls or challenge, and will then navigate the patient to the appropriate definitive care.  


The H.I.S. Centre recognizes that the current health system is often one that fails to achieve optimal outcomes for patients, and generally at a high cost.  Therefore, we work hard to translate our visions into observable, concrete changes — and ultimately healthier and happier neighborhoods. If you would like more information about our Community Health Program, contact Richard Britz

Our Community Health Program is funded through grants and generous donor contributions, not by taxpayer dollars. If you would like to make a donation, use the button below to be directed to that page and thank you so much!

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